<OS> Welcome To Oliva Systems Online - Beta <OS> For any question or inquiry please contact us <OS> OS new website launched with the starting of Oliva Systems in Qatar to serve you better.

Oliva Systems OS is an IT company specialized mainly in different business solutions implementation and websites design and development.  Oliva Systems OS has a team of professionals dedicated to designing and developing solutions tailored to the needs of private enterprises and public bodies. OS is now operating in Qatar and all Gulf Area.

Because we are:
  • Specialized in software research and development processes for our ready applications and for new planned or customized projects. 
  • Specialized in project management , ERP implementation, business process setup, and IT consultancy.
  • Specialized in creation and upgrading of OS Content Management System, developing Internet services, creation of dynamic websites, designing online and offline web and presentations, and creating companies' identities and CD Catalogues.
  • Specialized in IT systems (hardware, networking, system and application software installation and deployment, domain configuration, data backup, and internet services). Cameras
  • Specialized in   access control, CCTV, attendance machines security applications and Implementation, and security machines (large-scale scanners,..) 

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