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Tailored Systems

OlivaSystems OS is an IT company specialized mainly in different business solutions implementation and websites design and development. It has a team who has been implementing a wide range of business types since 19 years.  As one of the technology-leading companies in Lebanon and Arab world, our main concern in business workflow implementation is providing turnkey solutions.  Besides analysis, design, specifications document preparation and implementation, OS has a specialized team for fully dynamic web sites and web-based applications especially for analysis and development. OlivaSystems OS has a team of professionals dedicated to designing and developing solutions tailored to the needs of private enterprises and public bodies. OS is now operating in Lebanon, Gulf, Africa, and Europe.

The products cover a spectrum of areas, among which is IT System (H/W and System Software and Support), Security System (CCTV, Access Control, Security Applications and Implementation), IT consultancy and implementation, ERP, Financial Packages Implementation, e-banking, information management, e-commerce, content management, and web development. In addition to the ready-made packages, OS assists its clients in defining their needs, install all kind of H/W and IT systems needed, and develops the custom solutions that uniquely respond to their requirements. Training and after sales support complement the two types of products (ready-made and newly developed).

OS conducts its operations according to rigorous international standards and procedures.

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